How do I update my emergency contacts or code word?

Send us an email or call us directly. It will be changed immediately.

How do I update my emergency contacts or code word?

Send us an email or call us directly. It will be changed immediately.

How can I test my system?

Call the central station at 800-522-5124. They’ll ask you for your password. Ask them to place the system on test. Once it’s on test, you’ll press the medical for 4-5 seconds and then the central station will confirm that they see the medical signal coming through.

When can we make arrangements for a service appointment?

You can email us or call us directly. We will schedule an appointment with you and it will typically be within a few days at the latest, often scheduled the same day.

If we are going out of town, whom do we call?

If you want someone local to be on your emergency call list while you’re gone, you can contact Infinite Security directly and we can update your emergency call list while you’re gone.

Our company just terminated an employee. What should I do?

Does the terminated employee know the code word or have the alarm code? If so, we recommend changing the alarm code and/or codeword immediately! If they are on your emergency call list, you’ll need to let us know so we can remove them.

I have a temporary house guest. Can this person have a temporary code word?

Yes. Just contact Infinite Security and we can add the specific code word for that specific person for the time period that you specify.

Why is my system beeping and how do I make it stop?

This can happen for a variety of reasons. You need to acknowledge the alarm. You should then press *2 and a code number will appear. You should contact Infinite Security so they can then let you know what to do, or schedule us to address the potential issue.

What happens to my system when there is a power outage?

When the power goes out, the backup battery begins to supply power to your system. Your system will also notify you at the keypad that there is a trouble condition. A trouble condition is just a warning.

Will my system still work when the power goes out?

Yes. Your alarm system will work for the life of the backup battery. However, if the phones go out, the alarm will not communicate with the central station.

How can I protect against being unprotected when my phone goes down?

You can add a cellular device which can serve as a backup to your phone line, or you cancel your phone line and just use the cellular device. This will protect against a bad guy cutting your phone line or worrying about your phone service going down. This cellular device will ensure that your home is always communicating with the central station. You can speak to Infinite Security about adding a cellular device.

How does my system communicate to the Central Monitoring Station?

It used to be that all homes used their land line telephone to carry the signal to the central station. Most customers now find that they don’t use their land line phone and only have it for their alarm. You can add a cellular device that will take the place of the land line and although there is a small monthly charge, it will make your home safer and the cost is less than your land line. By having this cellular device, you’ll have the capability of adding smart features to your home security system.

How can I avoid getting false alarms?

Be sure everybody knows the code word in case they don’t disarm in time. If you should have a false alarm, let Infinite Security know right away. If there is any sort of equipment failure, Infinite will address it and you can forward what was done to the sheriff. They’ll often forgive the occurrence.