Your alarm company is supposed to prevent you from being robbed. Therefore, unlike other companies that charge crazy high prices, we keep our prices low as we don’t want to be the ones guilty of robbing you! Don’t be fooled by dealers that offer ‘free’ equipment. They’ll charge you extra every month for that equipment while saying it’s just your monthly rate. You’re actually financing that equipment. But, even worse, you’ll be paying that high monthly rate long after that equipment would have been paid off!


When we provide a new installation, we use 2 GIG products with the Cell unit. The price for the equipment and installation is $395 + the cost of the Cell unit.


If you have an existing alarm system, we can take the alarm over. We don’t care what type of panel you had – if you want to keep it, we’ll gladly use it. We’d just have to reprogram your panel at no cost. If your previous company has the panel ‘locked out’, we’d have to replace the panel for $129. Ask how your system could be converted to


We can install a cellular device for $99 and your monthly would be $29.99. This will replace the need for a landline phone and in most cases (depending on what panel type you have), you'll be able to arm and disarm remotely.

MONITORING RATES (using phone line)

If you wish to be billed quarterly, our rate is $24.99 per month ($27.99 for business/commercial) If you wish to prepay annually, our rate is $22.99 per month ($25.99 for business/commercial)

SMART HOME/BUSINESS MONTHLY PACKAGES (add $5 per package if you want the home monitored)

$29.99 -- Add/change alarm codes remotely, receive notifications, arm/disarm remotely

$34.99 – Add/change alarm codes remotely, receive notifications, arm/disarm remotely, add any amount of zwave devices such as front door lock or thermostat

$36.99 – Add/change alarm codes remotely, receive notifications, arm/disarm remotely, add cameras (up to 4) including doorbell camera

$41.99 – Add/change alarm codes remotely, receive notifications, arm/disarm remotely, add zwave devices, add cameras (up to 4)


Thermostat/AC Shutdown

Control your temperature from the simplicity of your smart phone or PC from anywhere. Save money off of your electric bill in 3 ways. You can program it so if someone leaves a door or window open for more than 5 minutes, the AC will turn off. You can program temperature setpoints that cannot be manually changed by the renter. You can control temperature to energy saving levels when the home is unoccupied. If you have an existing zwave thermostat, we’ll gladly learn it in for you. Please note that only the brand has the feature of turning off the ac when a door is left open. $339 per thermostat, installed and programmed.


We can install a zwave lock that you’d be able to lock and unlock remotely. You’d also be able to have many different user codes for different people so you’d know who’s coming and going. If you have an existing zwave lock, we’ll gladly learn it in for you. $339 per Smart Lock, installed and programmed.

Pool Heat On/Off Control

We can install this device so that you’d be able to remotely turn your pool heat on or off. $545 installed and programmed.

There are many other zwave devices such as garage door opener, light switches, leak detection. Please ask if there’s something specific you’d like to control.


We can install cameras that you’d be able to view from the very same app as your alarm, including the video doorbell camera. They are $399 per camera and comes with an SD card so you can view prior footage, installed and programmed.


These are a hard-wired child safety device, which alerts the adults with a warning sound when the door leading to the pool is opened. We also repair pool alarms. Please keep in mind that if you have a pool alarm that’s acting up, don’t cut wires as it can be costly to rewire. Pool alarm install $399 per door.


We are proud to offer the most affordable service around. Our service charge is $69. If we’re there for an hour or we’re there for 4 hours, it’ll be $69*. We also schedule service right away. *The only exceptions would be vandalism and lightning.


Once we take over the alarm monitoring for your property, we’ll send you an Alarm Certificate which you can forward to your insurance company for a likely reduction in premium.


If someone that you refer to Infinite Security agrees to have us provide alarm monitoring for their home, we’ll give you the choice of 2 Free months or $100 gift card. WE ALSO HAVE OPTIONS FOR FREE EQUIPMENT!!

* Equipment Costs Subject to Change